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Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte, Richard Peel, Phillip Henderson, Stuart Faulkner, Simon Raven, Owen Baxter
Secluded Bronte - Poster

17 October 2014

Secluded Bronte, a trio of brothers Jonathan and Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas...At their disposal we find a cymbal, knives, forks, bells, file binders, shelf units, tomato slicer, egg slicer, screw threads, fishing line, light bulbs, bowls, rubber bands, balloons, cardboard, plastic, ceramic, metal and much more - this is just half the list of objects they use to scan with their contact microphones ... If you heard their previous work (preferable in concert, as it’s a delight to watch) then you know you are in for a fine treat of electro-acoustic music of a rather vibrant nature...three persons moving quickly between all the stuff they have gathered. Like they don’t want to miss out playing anything they brought along for the ride. No sound effects, no electronics, just amplified daily objects...this is also musique concrete in the most pure form, but then all live and improvised, nothing post-produced or edited. (Information from a review of Secluded Bronte - by Frans De Waal)

Richard Peel Tags: action, adventure, animated, animation, cape, captain, cartoon, cobra,comedy, dangeroid, dc, disaster, fiction, flashtoon, hero, heroes, image,marvel, moon, moonsmash, peel, powers, red, richard, science, scifi,soundtrack, story, super, superhero, superheroes, supernatural, synth
Phillip Henderson / Eǝrth Rod Each of Phillip Henderson's Time Machine Lectures contain a modified version of one or more of the past lectures, remodelled and rearranged, the lectures are created in response to each environment in which they 'appear'.

Stuart Faulkner "I don't want to repeat the Mr Blobby or Jive Bunny ones I am afraid. I can do something and come up with something else - prefer to do that and make it special." We're not entirely sure what Stuart will do - we know what he won't be doing, his obscure 'cover versions' of Mr Blobby and Jive Bunny. He also makes paintings of Hulk Hogan and Hitler, he won't be showing those either. 

Simon Raven His works often pivot around visual and gestural associations, linking various ideas with corresponding set of actions, sounds and surprises. The work is sometimes obscure, sometimes direct. We think he is good friends with Aaron Williamson and Brian Catling, he also likes David Sherry's work. His work might be a little like theirs. Simon will be making various performances throughout the evening. 

Owen Baxter Revealing the musical potential of found objects, his work explores incidental sounds generated by mechanical devices, blending acoustic sources with synthetic process to produce new music from displaced material. For this gig Owen Baxter will present 'Sonic Washing Machine'.

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