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'OWLY' by Emotion Driven Processed Based Parallel Identities
Holly White
Pizza Cat
Miner Pie
Brad Tromel have been invited to visually disrupt the Trade Gallery website for 6 weeks this summer. Having taken their ongoing web-based series WACKY BACKY as a starting point they have invited 6 international artists to create alternative background images for the Trade website based around the perpetually current, and eternally popular, theme of the relationship between the internet and cats. Each artist project will be housed on the home page for 1 week.

Alongside this are replacing all of the sites images with randomly generated photographs of cats sourced live from flickr, rendering Trade's online presence a visually useless resource for visitors. A poster displaying all of the websites original imagery is available for free from the gallery, printed onto newsprint to be absorbent enough to use in your cats litter tray. 

Week One 25/06/12

'Tumblr Cat T-shirt Background Image (with Rolling In the Deep)' by Holly White

Week Two 2/07/12

'OWLY' by Emotion Driven Processed Based Parallel Identities

Week Three 9/07/12 'Matthew Fox Cats' by Miner Pie

Week Five 23/07/12

'DANNY BROWN WHEATGRASS plant (Dormroom Accessories)' by Brad Troemel

Week Six 30/07/12
'70><0PL45/\/\0515' by Michael Ray-Von

Week Four 16/07/12 by Georgie Manly


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