BFGF - Installation View

Soft Pallet 2018

Woven Cotton Blanket 

180cm x 134cm

Parallel Movements Mini 2018

Woven Cotton Blanket 

127cm x 91cm

WWA Mini 2018

Woven Cotton Blanket 

127cm x 91cm


Sooim Jeong

PV 6 September

14 September - 6 October

Mimei Thompson

PV 11 October

Exhibition Continues

19 October - 10 November

Thom Trojanowski

Manchester Contemporary

12 - 13 October

Alex Xerri

Pre History TV

PV 15 November

16 November - 15 December



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About the Gallery

Launch of BFGF (Lilian Martinez) exhibition at Trade. 
6-9pm Thursday 19 July

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Exhibition continues:
20 July -  18 August

Friday and Saturday 12-5pm
And at other times by appointment -

I'm interested in what you decide to work with, we've got classical sculpture together with the Nike swoosh, what was your interest in bring these elements together? 


I like combining classical elements with modern cultural markers. Nike is referenced as the goddess of victory in ancient Greek religion. If you look at classical paintings of Diana the goddess of the hunt a lot of the times you will find a crescent moon on or above her head. The shape resembles the nike swoosh to me. I think I like to make connections in my work that are humorous, but that visually make sense to me. I enjoy drawing things that were very present in my childhood that I still feel a connection to. Like Nike and Bart.  


With your work you place it both in art galleries and other places that deal with interior design work. I wonder if you could talk a bit about your approach to these different contexts? And when you decide what is a Lilian Martinez and what is a BFGF work? 


BFGF is an art brand. I focus on making accessible and functional pieces. These pieces are not part of an edition or limited in any way. It’s a way to introduce art into daily life. You can take the throws to the beach or on a picnic or you can hang them on your wall. These pieces are meant to be used and enjoyed. 


When I paint on paper or canvas or make a sculpture it is a one of a kind piece or part of an edition. These pieces are also meant to be enjoyed, but I hope that they are preserved in a different way.   


Another distinction is the medium I use. BFGF pieces are made from digital illustrations. 


Could you talk a little about your background? Did you study at Art school? If not what was your route to making artwork?


I studied photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I wasn’t introduced to art growing up. Photography was the first method of creating an image that I could grasp. I struggled with it because I never felt I could make an image that felt perfect to me. I always wanted to have more control of the image I was creating but there were so many obstacles, like light, perspective, color, etc. When I started painting and drawing I had the freedom to create an image that felt perfect to me. I still utilize photography as a way to archive and share my work.

Exhibition Supported by Arts Council England

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