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Parasitical Event

Stewart Home - Art Strike

May 28 2008

'The Art Strike 1990-1993'
Screening and Discussion

Campaign launched in 1986 by Stewart Home which called upon all artists to cease their artistic work between January 1st, 1990 and January 1st, 1993. Unlike the art strikes proposed by Gustav Metzger and the Art Worker Coalition in the 1960s, it was not merely a boycott of art institutions through artists, but a provocation of artists addressing their understanding of art and their identity as artists.

Trade Gallery presents a screening and discussion of Paula Roush's (MSDM) 'Art Strike 1990-1993', which contains a monologue by Stewart Home. The intention is to create an additional form of discussion, engagement and criticism, developed to complement Nottingham Contemporary's Disobedience programme.

'Art Strike 1990-1993' can be viewed in advance within the Disobedience exhibition's normal opening hours

Nottingham Contemporary,
Mount Street,

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