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Retrogression Programme

Three artists have been commissioned to produce new artwork based on an existing piece of their own artwork. Each date during the Retrogression programme will consist a live performance or headline event from one of the artists, accompanied by earlier versions of the artworks from all the artists including documentation of the live performances at subsequent events. 

The lecture, story teller, physical performance and presentation devices come under the spotlight in the artworks selected, each involving differing levels of reuse, repetition and retelling, which reconfigure meaning and images through documentation, abstraction, and translation. 

To be completely retrogressive artistically is an impossible state to achieve - we are always moving forward through time, experience and so forth, and even if we are not moving fast the world is, and so the conceptual connections and associations change and regroup slowly but consistently. There is no reverse to an earlier state, just development to another state. 

All of the artists in the exhibition have worked with Trade at some point in the past, so curatorially speaking the choices of artist are intentionally tinged with a sense of retrospection, and re-treading covered ground. 

Informed by a sense of political and economic retrogression, the programme has provided an opportunity for artists to use this sense of retrogression as a starting point for artistic adventure and escapism. 

Oliver Sutherland - Untitled
Alexander Stevenson - Eigg Lectures
Phillip Henderson Time Machine Lecture 10

Phillip Henderson
Time Machine Lecture 10


27 February


60 Minutes


As if caught in a large game of Chinese whispers, each of Phillip Henderson's Time Machine Lectures contain a modified version of one or more of the past lectures. Remodelled, and rearranged, the lectures are created to suit the physical environment in which they are positioned adding in Henderson's current relation to the theory of time and space. 

Time Machine Lecture #10 seems to collapse in on itself, as if the lecture is a transparent film, layered on top of the previous lecture - parts of previous lectures can be seen and parts obscured - ultimately the subject of space and time starts to warp the form of each ensuing Lecture. 


Image: Jaskirt Dhaliwal and The Event 2011

Alexander Stevenson
Eigg Lectures Version 2


12 March


60 Minutes

In essence the Eigg Lectures are an anthropological study into an island without indigenous people. The development of the work was greatly affected by suspicion of the islands current residents of being studied, and Stevenson's recreation of his own activities on the island in subsequent visits.

The Eigg Lectures Version 2 is a musing on the creation and re-telling of history through mythology, iconography, dance, music, story telling and Academic structures.

A limited number of free tickets available here -

Oliver Sutherland


30 April


Broadly speaking Oliver Sutherland's artwork focuses on visual presentation tools, working with over used or aging presentation devices, which prod at our indifference to computer generated and transformed images.
Sutherland will present a short film based loosely on his previous work 'Nothing For Chroma Key'.


Retrogression curated by Bruce Asbestos / Trade Commissioned by Broadway

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