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Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk + Bongoleeros + Vile Plumage + Wasps


26 April 2013


Working with RAMMEL CLUB, Trade presents an evening of improvised vocal performances and performance wildcards.

Jaap Blonk is a Dutch avant-garde composer. Blonk is known for a large vocal vocabulary in which words and sounds are twisted and amalgamated into an array of surprising noises. There is also considerable humour in the work, mimicking nature and improvising with the unique audio and social situation of each performance. Blonk is also a leading performer of Kurt Schwitters’s sound works, recently performing 'Ursonate' at Late Tate at Tate Britain.

Bongoleeros deliver animated vocal performances that take the experimental nature of Blonk's performance in a different direction, positioning different qualities of sounds against each other, a upbeat Jazz riff with coarse vocals? sure thing. Before it all comes to familiar they throw other things into the mix, an offbeat dance or strike of a floor tom, to create a whirling, churning, buoyant experience

The event also includes an additional performances by Vile Plumage + W>A>S>P>S>.

Vile Plumage - Performance
Wasps Peformance Music
Bongoleeros Performance Music
Jaap Blonk at Trade Gallery

Jaap Blonk



Vile Plumage

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