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Trade is dedicated to profiling the work of exceptional artists from a range of different career stages. The current programme is centered around succinct solo exhibitions of artists that include elements of painting within their main practice. Recent exhibitions include Urara Tsuchiya, Rae Hicks, Gordon Dalton and Daniel Sean Kelly. In the past Trade, especially at its One Thoresby Street location paid particular attention to performative, social, collaborative and collective artworks and historical artists' film and video. 

The first event in 2008 a 'Parasitical Event' set the tone for this programme, the intention of the event was to create an additional form of discussion, engagement and criticism to complement existing activity in Nottingham. Trade has also embarked on a series of interviews with artists and has run programme of events and exhibitions at off-site locations including Broadway Cinema and M-e-x-i-c-o in Leeds.  

Initially, in 2010 the gallery moved into a small 3m x 3m space and utilised other public spaces in the One Thoresby Street building for performative events and larger exhibitions. Trade moved downstairs a year later to a larger space and the focus of the programme turned to inviting groups and artists to participate in 'Short Sharp Blow to the Head', programme of short exhibitions and online takeovers. In 2013, Trade's redevelopment of One Thoresby Street’s ground floor created four new gallery spaces. The exhibitions here were often complimented by live performances such as Robin Deacon's Approximating the Art of Stuart Sherman, Jaap Blonk's vocal improvisations and recently Lee Campbell's and Mel Jordan's 'Heckler' symposium. As of 2016, Trade moved to Primary, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham, NG7 1NU. 

Trade is organised by artist Bruce Asbestos who was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Breakthrough Fund. 

Trade was billed as 'One of the World's Best Secret Galleries' in the Independent, profiled in the Guardian and included in Kevin Hunt's HOT100.pdf of artist-run spaces. 

Bruce Asbestos

bruce(aT) tradegallery org

The current exhibition at Trade can be seen on our home page here.

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