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LIE - 6 Volumes

Volumes produced by Library of Independent Exchange for 'Short Sharp Blow to the Head'.


The Library of Independent Exchange (L.I.E) is an independent reference library presenting a selection of the most interesting and significant works of contemporary independent arts publishers and artists. In the absence of anything of it's kind within the South West of England, L.I.E provides a rare opportunity within the city of Plymouth to encounter and explore such works. 

The aims of the Library of Independent Exchange are to develop discussions and exchange exploring the processes of publishing, collaboration, and dissemination whilst highlighting the wealth of resources available. 

L.I.E now holds a growing permanent collection of over 300 articles, the vast majority of which have been kindly donated by the publishers, organisations, and individuals who produced them. Since its inception in September 2011 L.I.E has worked with over 60 contemporary independent arts publishers, artists, and organisations, such as: 

Anita Di Bianco (DE), Ed Ruscha (USA), Book Works (UK), Gagarin (BE), JRP Ringier (CH), Lubok Verlag (DE), MACK books (UK), Torpedo/Torpedo Press (NO), Whatever Press (JP), Van Zoetendaal Publishers (NL), Circuit (CH), Hans Ulrich Obrist (UK), New Jerseyy (CH), Nieves (CH),White Columns (US). 

The Library of Independent Exchange is directed by Christopher Green and Mark James.


A series of 6 Volumes produced by Library of Independent Exchange in association with Trade Gallery Nottingham UK.

April - August 2012


LIE 6 Volumes
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