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Eyes On The Prize - Exhibition
Code Duello Printed Guide

Eyes on The Prize

Eyes On The Prize - Installation View
Eyes On The Prize - Launch Event

Eyes On The Prize

16 August 2012

Curated by Bas Hendrikx, HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} (NL) Kasper Jacobs (NL), Yarre Stooker (NL), Bas Schevers (NL), Harry Meadley (UK), Alex Farrar (UK)

Eyes On The Prize deals with the differences and similarities between the fields of sports and the arts and applies the rules of the game to the unwritten laws of the visual arts.

Bas Schevers was coached by artist Andre Kok, Kasper Jacobs collaborated with inhabitants of Hoorn on the script for the film 'Extra Cives', and Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley show the outcome of their collaboration based on the 'Code Duello'; a set of 19th century rules for one-on-one combats. All works made in may and june this year during a residency held at HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} in Hoorn, Netherlands.

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