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Oliver Sutherland

Nothing for Chroma Key
Oliver Sutherland - Nothing For Chroma Key

4 - 19 August

Image - Nothing for Chroma Key installed in the attic of One Thoresby Street

Commonly used in televised weather reports, Chroma keying is a technique for compositing two separate film scenes together. Typically, a colour is removed from one of the digitally layered scenes so that the film underneath is revealed. This technique often fails if a presenter accidentally wears or reflects similar colour as the Chroma Key. 

In Sutherland's setup in 'Nothing For Chroma Key' a slender man dressed head to toe in a bright, unnaturally green bodysuit is felling a Norwegian Spruce. The unknown motive of the character's primitive like actions, and the fetish look of the synthetic bodysuit riddles the scene with conflicting, ambiguous symbols. The work prods at our indifference to computer generated and transformed images. 

Recent exhibitions include - Acid House & Water Colours, The Exchange Gallery - Gloria, Bash, London - Tischtennis, Rhys & Hannah Present..., Bristol - Can We Stay Over Tonight? Plan9, Bristol - Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Newyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

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