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18 February - 5 March 2011

The Perception Instruction positions two artworks together: Richard Paul's The Stereo Realist 2011 and David Sherry's Open 2008. 

Placing these two artworks together, at a very basic level, encourages us to look for patterns and similarities between the artworks, which may appear incidentally or intentionally. From the outset the works have little in common, aside from the fact that they are both video works. 

The Perception Instruction is (or will be) created out of accidental and intentional connections exclusive to the pairing of these particular artworks. Between the two artworks we might see an erratic dialogue, a complementary dialogue or any shade of grey in between. 

Awareness, patterns, similarities and connections between the artworks can be heightened and modified as the work is transmuted into a gallery's press release. For example, this press release was written weeks before the work is installed in the gallery, so the exhibition outlined here is an approximation of future events. In other words, the press release about the exhibition is based on a hypothetical, imagined exhibition, which this press release will later come to describe.

Furthermore, the press release cannot respond - as it is already written - to any events, or observations that arise at the time of the exhibition, and so it is limited in scope to talk about the experience of the work beyond that of a preconceived and imagined conditions of the (future) exhibition. 

As the perception of the work within this setup has a focus on physical experience of the artworks in the gallery, the press release will not describe the artworks any further only to give some additional information and some assumptions which may be useful when in the gallery. 

Additional information

The quotes in Richard Paul's The Stereo Realist are based on Henri Bergson's Matter and Memory and Dave Hickey's views on the difference between 16th C and 17th C painting.

Some assumptions

The dual images within Richard Paul's The Stereo Realist may mirror the relationship between the two artworks in the Trade gallery space, in that, at moments the works may look like they do relate to each other, but probably only because of their proximity - that they are in the same room.

Editors notes

Richard Paul, lives and works in London - Recent Exhibitions include: Richard Paul, Theodore Art, New York - Make, Believe, Blank Gallery, Brighton, UK - Cabin Fever,, On Gallery , Oslo , Norway - In Substantiality, Theodore:Art New York, USA - Indoor Life, Walden Affairs , Den Haag , Netherlands - I Was A Teenage Hand Model Too, Seventeen, London

David Sherry, lives and works in Glasgow - Recent Exhibitions include: Mothers tankstation, Dublin, Royal Standard, Liverpool Biennial, UK, One fine morning in May, GAK, Bremen, I am not here, De Appel boys school, Amsterdam, Singing Yoghurt, Log Gallery. Bergamo, Italy

Richard Paul, David Sherry

The Perception Instruction
Richard Paul Artwork
Richard Paul, David Sherry
David Sherry - OPEN
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