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One Night Stand - Gordon Dalton
One Night Stand - Artwork

One Night Stand

2nd August 2012

Trade Gallery present One Night Stand, a one night only show featuring one piece of work each by nine artists from across the UK. 

A one-night stand conjures images of furtive glimpses across a room, an exciting instant attraction. There is the ever-present fear of rejection, disappointment and danger. They come with a baggage of guilt, a messy morning after, and the long walk home. Yet there is a hopeful longing for something more, to ask for another chance, to build long-term relationship.

The paintings in One Night Stand are here for one night only, full of boastful exaggeration, bashfulness and a need to be wanted and loved, with all their accompanying ugly flaws and beauty on display for your pleasure.

Curated by Mermaid and Monster, Cardiff.
Artists: Yelena Popova, Gordon Dalton, Merlin James, Neil McNally, Tom Goddard, Neal Jones, Lloyd Durling, Kevin Hunt, Nicholas Deitrich Williams

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